A Ilha

When we think of Pico, in our mind we visualize images of an imposing mountain, the highest in Portugal, touching the clouds on a clear sky days. From its top we have an incredible view of the islands of the triangle set in the sea.

Pico Island is a picturesque and fascinating world made up of a drealike landscape, where a rich heritage, both historical and natural, with small seaside village, lakes, natural swimming pools and flower-lined pads, come together with the locals who are amazingly friendly and welcome the tourists as if they were members of their family. 

On visiting the island you will also love its cuisine with lots of tasty food made up of very fresh and excellent local productssuch as fish, meat, the famous Pico cheese or the Verdelho wine.

Enjoy a unique landscape in the world, the Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, classified in 2004 as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Ilha do Pico

A Freguesia de Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia

Founded in 1617, the village of Santa Luzia, is located in São Roque do Pico County, between the villages of Santo António and Bandeiras, on Pico shoreline. Santa Luzia main production is fruit and especially wine making and vineyards.

In the late XVI century, there lived a local benefactor called Vicente Pereira Furtado who ordered the construction of a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Santa Luzia, right next to his house. He himself established the chapels patrimony and in return he asked for the privilege that him and his family would be buried next to the altar.